AQ Sound Proof


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  1. Huge Reduction In Vehicle Body Panel Vibration
  2. Rood Noise Reduction & Vehicle Refinement You Can Hear
  3. Improver Car Audio Performence And Sound Quality
  • Application : High Performance Panel Dampening Material For Car And Vehicle interior Applications. Suitable For Vehicle Wheel Arch , Floor , Roof , Boot , Under Seat , Car Audio And I.C.E Deadening.
  • Fitting Instructions : These High performance Panel Dampening Materials Are , Deal For Fitting Directly Onto Vehicle Inter Body Panels.
  1. Ensure Fitting Area Is Clean And Dry , If Required Clean With A Soft Cloth.
  2. Simply peel Off Backing Paper And Apply To Vehicle Body Panel.
  3. Apply Pressure With A Roller Or Cloth Until The Product Is Firmly Bonded.
  4. Enjoy Your New Insulated Vehicle Or I.C.E !
  • 1 Box (8 pack ) Price 1 Pack Rm 150