With the brand name of AudioQuart, is a leading developer of premium quality car audio system and is recognized by consumers and industry professionals for providing products known for quality, performance, and value.

Over the past decade, AudioQuart has evolved and developed into a high demand, world-class brand. The goal of AudioQuart is to develop dependable and match the quality of world-class car audio system. For the enthusiast who demands excellent sonic accuracy, amazing sound quality and great value, this latest 5 Series will offer an incredible lineup of full range toughest amplifiers, sub-woofers, speakers, components and etc.

Today AudioQuart has a reputation for bringing important car audio products to the market and maintains a leadership position in South East Asian market. It is a central AudioQuart belief to listen to the market and develop exacting products that address customers’ needs at the highest possible value.

With these new series introduced, passionate enthusiasts can be assured of hearing superb sound reproduction. With a decade of acoustic experience, AudioQuart is determined to establish a new legacy of greatness and extraordinary new products which will deliver superior levels of detail, long-term product durability, and high SPL capabilities for our loyal customers around the world. Nothing about the new AudioQuart car audio systems will be anything less than extraordinary.